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Beta Reader
Copy Editing and Proofing

Need someone trustworthy and reliable for your project?

Then you have just found that person! With an extensive education across two degrees, Hannah can provide a strong work ethic, excellent communication and also it’s easy to set up an appointment!

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Price Guideline

Beta Reader

I am currently a beta reader with a two years experience in reading debut novels, making notes and communicating with the author.

£50 per book.


Through utilising my degree education, high quality work is provided. I can write blogs, books, novellas, anthologies, product reviews and product descriptions

Prices start from £25.

Copy Editing

I can provide copy editing and proofreading services, to ensure that any errors are picked up and fixed, as well as syntax and typographical errors.

Prices start from £25.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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