Why do I Write?

I find it interesting that the writing and book community (yes that’s a thing!) have a really positive supportive attitude. I have been blessed to be surrounded by creative minds who have imparted wisdom or support to me on how to progress on my book.

The Instagram movement is wide, and I find myself on a daily basis discussing literature with individuals from Saudi Arabia, India, Germany and even closer to home across the United Kingdom. To me this helps spur me on to keep writing, to come up with new ideas and even to spread the written word.

I do have a couple of writers with whom I have long discussions about this craft, and how long we both have been creating stories. The common answer is this: “I wrote loads of stories when I was a child!” as being their starting point, this is very common, and even I was a prolific writer from a very young age.

So why write? Why put myself through the emotional stress of knowing there are thousands of people, like me, who have been writing and reading all their lives, that’s so much pressure, what if we never make it?

Because… it sets me free.

I can do anything when I read, and create anyone when I write. I can meet people I admire through research and build a relationship with them on the page, and while this may only be on a piece of paper I hope that someone, somewhere, is touched by a sentence or a word or statement that a character says or experiences.

I write to set you free.

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