“A writer, I think, is someone who pays attention to the world.” – Susan Sontag

Welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay! Here you shall learn a little bit more about me and what this website is all about! I am a professional ghostwriter and Editor with Sweet Cherry Publishing, specialising in Children’s and Young Adult fiction writing.

I used to work in education as a teacher and mentor, specialising in SEN in the UK, but I turned away from the sector several years ago to focus on my writing.

Over the last few years, I have ghostwritten several children’s books, ranging in age from 4 – 12 years, across many topics. I have written books for children that discuss morality issues and feelings and books that model positive behaviour and techniques that children can use in everyday life.

I have also worked on adult novels like Westerns, young adult fantasy and supernatural horror – which, surprisingly, I took to like a duck takes to water! There’s something morbidly intriguing about scaring the life out of a reader! I have also written several blog posts for my clients over the years, from technology specialists to creative blogs in the arts. There’s pretty much nothing I won’t write for you.

When I’m not ghostwriting, I am writing for Gamers Decide as a freelance journalist, where I can combine my love for writing and gaming into journalistic articles about the best games to play.

Across this website, you will find my book review blog, my ‘deep thinking’ blog for when a particular topic has been bugging me enough to finally speak out, and I also conduct interviews with authors. I am a member of the Royal Society of Literature and the Association of Ghostwriters, and Society of Authors. Please go to my ghostwriting page to find out more!

I have a BA honours from the University College Birmingham and a FdA from the University of Birmingham, as well as a diploma in Ghostwriting.

So I say this: if you want to share something with the world, get in touch with me, and between us, we can create something unique.

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