Review Policy

If you are an author or publishing house, I am happy to accept books for consideration on my To Be Read List. I accept self-published work, mainstream publishers and academic work (subject to an assessment of literary work).

Should you wish to work with me to review your work, please note that all reviews are my own opinion, honest of what I thought of them at the time and will not be malicious. Instead, I will make them constructive and helpful to the reader. My literature preferences are fiction, graphic novels, autobiographical, and self-help books.

I will only turn down books to review publicly if they are not of good edited quality, not sourced in accordance with University standards or if I do not hear from the author. I always reach out before posting a review on social media. However, an appraisal may be published on Goodreads or Amazon with my unbiased opinion.

I am always offering free reviews to independently published authors, mainstream authors may be charged and I will always communicate this to the author in the first of our communications.

You can also find me on Instagram if you’re interested in my more visual reviews. Please note: all data collected from users will be stored per the GDPR.

Please check out my Services to book yourself in for a free consultation!

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