Interviewing Liz Butcher: LeRoux Manor

  1. Tell us a little about your background, have you always been a writer?

    In a sense! I loved writing little ‘books’ when I was in primary school and early high school, but as I got older I didn’t write so much. Then as an adult, I couldn’t ignore the itch anymore, as a story was dying to come out, and so I put pen to paper again.
  2. You write a lot of horror novels, what is it about the horror genre that interests you so much? Have you had interest in other genres?

    I never intentionally set out to write horror, but I think I just naturally gravitate toward a darker style of fiction. ‘LeRoux Manor’ was the first book I wrote that was solely horror, while ‘Fates’ Fury’ was a mish-mash of mythology/action/urban fantasy/horror. My new book which comes out in April is a blend of urban fantasy/detective/horror fiction.
  3. Regarding Le Roux Manor, was the manor itself inspired by a similar building you visited or researched?

    Not one specific building, but based on my love of historic buildings. I researched some of the old manors and estates throughout the UK, which I would love to see in person. Australia’s just too young!
  4. Which character did you enjoy writing the most?

    I’d have to say the old woman. She’s a very complex character that doesn’t really speak so it was challenging to show her intensity.
  5. Would you consider writing a backstory for Camille’s new school friends? Like an anthology all about her friends or a continuation?

    It’s not something I’d considered when I wrote it, but I’ve had other requests and I can see that Woodville has potential! But then I’ve also had readers ask if I’d write a sequel to ‘Fates’ Fury’, and beta readers for my upcoming book, ‘Never, Never’ have asked the same thing!
  6. You communicated how Camille felt about being the ‘new girl’, and feeling that she may not fit in. Have you ever felt this way to be able to communicate this so well in the book?

    I grew up as an ‘army brat’ and we moved around a lot, so I guess it gave me the inside scoop on trying to fit in at new schools and trying to make friends.
  7. You have been part of a lot of anthologies, how did you get involved in that?

    Word of mouth essentially! When I first started writing again, I was working on ‘Fates’ Fury’, but didn’t have a lot of confidence in whether my writing was any good. I started making friends in the writing community and submitted my first short story to an anthology in 2015 – I couldn’t believe it when I received the email of acceptance! From then on, through to 2017 my work was featured in a number of anthologies and I found it a wonderful way to really hone my writing while also broadening my circle of friends within the writing community. Success with these areas led to a boost in confidence in my writing, so I could finally finish my first novel.
  8. Would you consider doing a horror series, or do you prefer standalone novels?

    I’ve started writing the first book in a series as we speak! It’s about a hot mess of a woman named Luna Zimmer who decides to confront her past and find out the truth about who she is and what happened to her family by embarking on a new career as a paranormal investigator – with a twist!
  9. Your website shows how busy you are, how do you manage your time?

    I’ll confess, not easily! It’s something that I need to work at every day. I’m a Queen Procrastinator! I have to write everything down in my diary in an attempt to stick to a schedule, while also trying to be flexible for all those little life things that inevitably crop up when you have a family!
  10. Lastly, do you have any tips or inspiration for budding, independent authors or even those who are contemplating writing?

    Don’t be afraid to research and learn, or to reach out and make contacts. Invest in a fantastic editor and believe in yourself!

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