Let’s Recap the Year 2020

WOW! What a year it’s been.

A year full of difficulties, trauma and loss. I have lost people I care about as I know thousands of others have also, my thoughts and prayers are with those families, and I can only hope that 2021 can bring us a new, fresh start and we can continue our lives. Let us not forget the lessons that 2020 has taught us: how to care for one another, appreciating those on the firing lines and being patient with others, being more understanding of others circumstances.

Books I bought from Robert J Marsters – an inspirational indie author I’ve met IRL

I have witnessed much kindness, as well as cruelty and if things just go back to ‘normal’ once COVID-19 is well and truly under control, then it will show we learnt nothing from this year. It’s a stark reminder that people are social beings, and we need each other to work together in a community that can support each other through difficult times. It is likely that there will be another pandemic in the future, maybe in this millennial’s lifetime, we are creatures of habit and it is likely we will return to our old selves. So let’s stay on our toes and keep vigilant!

My summer ‘bumblebee’ bookstack

As well as the loss, there have been many positives: me personally have got engaged to my long standing partner, organised the wedding, have managed a new job remotely as well as starting my new book. Working from home has meant that I have been able to connect with so many amazing authors, go check my previous post to see which creators I have connected with. I am currently 55,000 words into my first book that I am aiming to get published in a year – let’s see how quickly I can get this turned around, because I want to share the horror I have felt through this year in my work.

One of my favourite authors!

And yes, that means I am writing a HORROR.

I thought I would write a fantasy young adult novel, but as I started I began to explore the darker nature in reality and I have really enjoyed my journey so far!

My writing journey started by creating my Instagram, which was meant to be a bit of fun as I had no clue how to use it properly. I felt really odd taking pictures of myself and uploading them, basically tooting my own horn, so I made it about books as I longed to be able to discuss with others one of the greatest loves in my life. And through this I have accumulated 900+ followers, with what started off as a bit of fun to keep my mind off lockdown, became something intense that inspired me to start writing with the goal of being published.

A beautiful collection of manga and poems…a stunning read!

I have learnt how to take pictures of books, making them look fun and inviting, as well as opening up dialog with others on Instagram about what we like about the books I post about each day.

Books that one of my friends gave me – these will be gifted once loved!

So please, enjoy these images, it’s a record of what I have done this year and the books are beautifully written pieces of art that needs to be celebrated. Let me know what YOU think of these books!

My Halloween ‘Ghost’ book-stack made up from some of my favourite novels and walk-through books

Here’s some links to the amazing authors I have mentioned here:

Robert J Marsters
Garth Nix
Celia Rees

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